A very special Diamond Ring has just arrived -Fabergé ZHIVAGO RING

A very special Diamond Ring has just arrived -Fabergé ZHIVAGO RING


Zhivago features an intricate snowflake motif capturing the spirit of the vast, white enchanted stillness of the Russian winter that had long inspired fable and folklore. 

These intricately vivacious jewels conjure images of sleighs or troikas and their tinkling bells; the thick blanket of sparkling snow that settled over the cupolas or onion domes of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, turning them into glittering jewels; parties, balls and banquets, alive with candlelight and fires. 

The snowflake, or ice crystal, is a celebrated Fabergé motif, an emotive feature of the 1913 Imperial Winter Egg, designed at the time, along with a series of stunning snowflake pendants, by Alma Pihl.

This piece has 175 diamonds, for a total Carat Weight of 3.41 - the Central stone is a stunning 1 carat.

This stunning ring is available to view at Vendome.

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The Fabergé Treillage - a playful interpretation of the classic Fabergé multicoloured egg.

Faberge Egg Pendant

The Treillage Collection is inspired by the Diamond Trellis Egg, created by Fabergé in 1892. The evocative designs, with their soft, tactile and gem-set quilting, represents the perfect marriage of heritage and modernity. 

Treillage Multi coloured White Gold Polished Pendant features round white diamonds, round blue, yellow and pink sapphires, round rubies, round tsavorites and round amethysts set in 18 carat polished white gold. The egg pendant is 18mm.

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Faberge Egg Pendant



The Worlds Most Sophisticated Travel Safe

The Wolds Most Sophisticated Travel Safe

The world has become a safer place with the world’s first high-security traveling case by Döttling: the Guardian. It offers unique protection for up to six wristwatches, jewelry, cash, or important documents any place and at any time.

Doettling Travel Safe

A double-walled high-security tube – an in-house development by Döttling made of multiple components – is built into the leather. The hard metal component, for instance, is almost as hard as a diamond and destroys tools like drills and saws at the least attempt to breach the Guardian. The tube’s polycarbonate content – a material also used for police shields – additionally makes the Guardian extremely impact-resistant. The material cannot be destroyed even using the biggest sledgehammers. At one end of the high-security tube there is a safe door that can be opened only with a three-digit code. If it is entered correctly the locking mechanism, consisting of four polished high-carbon steel locking bolts, opens. In brief, when locked, opening the Guardian requires incredible force and a good deal of time – time that’s short because the Guardian is also equipped with a GPS transmitter so it can be precisely located.


At the same time, in spite of its high-tech security features, the 14.5 inch-long Guardian with a diameter of 5.3 inches is, at only about 8.8 pounds, a real lightweight that you can take along anywhere with an easy mind.

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Doettling Travel Case



Luxury Scented Candles - Quintessence Paris

The Finest Luxury Scented Candles Available.

Velvety, vernal, sweet, or powdery, a perfume stimulates the imaginationand brings up buried memories from the depths of our unconscious mind. It sometimes only takes a simple combination of scents to be transported, far away, in another place, a long gone time.

Quintessence scented products are elaborated like tales that one can enjoy recounting in order to ease the mind. A perfume then becomes a time-off, a haven, a dream…

Quintessence scented candles are elaborated like tales that one can enjoy recounting in order to ease the mind. A perfume then becomes a time-off, a haven, a dream…

Unlike any other candles on the market - these are pure, created using no fillers or chemicals, and offer the most sublime fragrances.

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Luxury Wedding Bands for Men

Why should women have all the fun ?

Boucheron have a range of stunning wedding bands for men. 

The Boucheron QUATRE BLACK EDITION Wedding Bands

A unisex collection of stunning rings, created in a number of sizes and widths.

A signature of the Boucheron spirit, the Quatre Black Edition wedding band combines two emblematic codes, the Godron and the Clou de Paris. The radiance of black PVD highlights the sculpture of the precious materials which reflect the light and create a perfect sparkle. A wedding band that is full of refinement with a touch of rock’n’roll attitude: perfect for those who favor symbols.

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The Finest Luxury Safes in the World - now available in Australia and NZ.

The Finest Luxury Safes in the World - now available in Australia and NZ.

At Döttling, the term "handcraft" is taken literally, for they still work quite literally by hand. When the passion of the restorers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, saddlers, painters, and security specialists coalesces with the requirements and preferences of clients, an individual masterpiece is created that captivates generations due to its functionalism and beauty.

Before each masterpiece of engineering art is created, thorough planning is first required. Döttling has technological and planning expertise going back four generations, which - together with client preferences - flows into development, resulting in singular pieces.

Döttling have been working in the tradition of classical German locksmith artisanry since 1919. Even today, each and every piece passes through the nearly 100-year-old gates of the Döttling manufactory in Maichingen.

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The Boucheron Divine Rita Solitaire


Solitaire set with a round diamond and pavé diamonds, in platinum

With this sparkling solitaire, Boucheron pays homage to the mythical actress Rita Hayworth and to the passion that unites two hearts. The diamonds are set discreetly onto the ring's profile to enhance the radiance of the jewel. 
An elegant solitaire, endowed with a timeless charm.

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By Atelier Luxury iPhone Cases

Luxury iPhone Cases.

We are thrilled to launch By Atelier Luxury iPhone cases in Australia.

Designed in Europe and hand-assembled by in-house artisans, By Atelier attires the leading technology of today in luxuriant style.

Each case is handcrafted in a variety of finishes, and comes with access to the exclusive 24/7 By Atelier Concierge Service.

Available in a range of styles, either in our boutique, or available to purchase online at our e-boutique.

From $1,890

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A new arrival at Vendome.

Fabergé timepieces embody the characteristic perfectionism and panache pioneered by Peter Carl Fabergé, who ingeniously incorporated clocks, and occasionally watches, into his rich repertoire of jewelled objects and personal possessions. Today, the tradition of Fabergé timepieces continues to evolve through collections of hand-made watches, exquisitely fusing the past and the present, artistry and craftsmanship, and deploying the finest materials, techniques and components. 

The sleek sophistication of the Alexei fuses understated modernity with traditional craftsmanship. The solid 18 carat white gold case is complemented by an 18 carat gold 40mm diameter dial with custom-designed guilloché wave pattern, hand turned on a hundred-year old lathe. The four distinctive softly slanted roman numerals are joined by black diamonds, marking the hours. The self-winding movement from Frédéric Piguet (base 1150) has a 72-hour power reserve and jewels. The leather strap is fastened with an 18 carat gold ardillon buckle.

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